Michaela Učňová,
Prague based screenwriter

“Love at first sight”

I have been looking for an ideal painting for my bedroom for quite some time. My bedroom is small with a simple decor, and I wanted to find something beautiful, lively, something I would love to look at every day… 

Roman Martínek,
Founder of PRODIMO

“I could not take my eyes off them”

Two years ago I arrived for a meeting at the Impact Hub in Prague. From the first moment, I was taken by two of Radka’s paintings that were hanging on the wall. They captivated me so much that I could not take my eyes off them for the whole two hours of the meeting. Immediately, I made a reservation and bought them.

“her colorful paintings… positively influence the audience”

I know Radka both as a friend and as a professional artist, I have had a chance to work with. I‘ve always been amazed by how her colorful paintings, of different sizes and techniques, positively influence the audience.